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Linacre Private Hospital specialist Joanna Morgan

Dr Joanna Morgan


A passionate surgeon, with many years of experience performing breast and thyroid surgery. Joanna is motivated to provide the best care and has empathy for her patients.  Clinical problems may require complex decision making, and Joanna takes time to explain and educate a patient regarding their diagnosis, management options and personalised treatment plan.  This is especially important in the cancer setting as therapeutic options are tailored to patient needs.

For patients with breast cancer, the use of oncoplastic surgical techniques may avoid the need for mastectomy.  Further evaluation of breast and thyroid conditions with ultrasound in the consulting rooms enhances clinical assessment.  Fine needle biopsies of thyroid nodules and aspiration of symptomatic cysts are performed. Joanna is an active member of many multidisciplinary teams and participates in research and clinical trials. In the public sector, Joanna has served as a visiting Breast surgeon to Monash Health (Moorabbin) and BreastScreen for over 17 years.

Outside of work, Joanna is a mother, partner and lover of water sports and creative activities.

Special Interests

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery – mindful of cosmetic outcomes and increasing breast conservation.

Thyroid Surgery – for nodules, goitre, Grave’s disease and cancer.

Surgeon Performed Ultrasound – enhances clinical and operative assessment.


Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Surgeon Performed Ultrasound