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Pain Services

About Pain Specialists Australia

Pain Specialists Australia provide holistic, multidisciplinary pain relief and pain care and treatments for individuals suffering from ongoing pain. The team utilise cutting-edge pain-intervention technology and draw from extensive anaesthetic and pain-specialist experience to support people to manage their pain and regain their quality of life.

Dr. Nick Christelis set up a pain practice in 2012 after seeing that there was a strong need in Melbourne for a specialised pain service and seeing too many people close to him suffer with pain. The practice has since grown and expanded to become Pain Specialists Australia, now comprising a team of locally and internationally trained pain specialists, treating over 5000 patients per year including via funding programs such as WorkSafe, DVA and TAC.

The Pain Specialists Australia team treat all types of pain ranging from back pain, spinal pain, persistent post-surgical pain, complex regional pain syndrome, hip and knee pain, arm pain, facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, pelvic pain, and cancer pain.

Therapies range from specialised nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation treatments, intradiscal procedures and neuromodulation techniques like spinal cord stimulation and other forms of nerve stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery to control pain.

Therapies also include, psychological care, physical and functional therapies.

There is no pain problem too complex for this team of experts to deal with.

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