Linacre Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Cardiac Services

We offer an extensive range of cardiac services. Our cardiology beds are all equipped with advanced monitoring equipment and facilities to manage any acute care patient, in a comfortable private environment.

The cardiology unit manages patients with medical conditions such as angina, arrhythmias and those recovering from heart attack with full telemetry monitoring capacity. This capacity enables patients to move around the ward freely within hours of their procedure. The monitoring is visible to cardiac nurses at all times from bedside and central monitors.

Patients waiting to be discharged will receive specific education and referral to a rehabilitation program. You can be secure in the knowledge that Linacre’s dedicated and experienced Cardiac Care Team are working with some of the latest technology and we aim to provide you with the best care and treatment available.

The unit is staffed with cardiac specialist nurses in accordance with the latest Cardiac Society and Intensive Care Society recommendations and they are committed to supporting both the patients and their relative's individual needs.

Cardiac Catheter Laboratory

Our Cardiac Catheter Laboratory features state of the art technology specialising in a comprehensive range of procedures, with specialist cardiologists providing prompt diagnosis of heart disease by angiography. Once diagnosed, some specific heart diseases can be treated under local anaesthetic using up-to-date non-surgical technology including balloon angioplasty, coronary stenting pacemakers, and electrophysiology studies.